Practice Areas

Texas Eminent Domain Lawyers

We work hard to ensure you receive just compensation for your property, and just as hard to ensure the terms of the easement or other instrument are as favorable to you as possible. This is vital; the grant of rights to the condemnor is perpetual, so future generations will be saddled with the terms. Our eminent domain experience includes representing landowners on projects arising from construction or expansion of highways, crude oil pipelines, high voltage transmission lines (HVTLs), natural gas pipelines, freeways, urban streets, oil and gas gathering lines, infrastructure related to solar or wind projects, schools, water lines, airport expansions, and other projects.

Eminent Domain Process

If you’ve received notice of an eminent domain proceeding, do not sign anything and contact Brady & Hamilton as soon as possible. The condemnor attempting to take your property – whether public or private – is not charged with protecting your interests. Rather, their interest is focused on getting the project built cheaply and quickly.


While we negotiate on your behalf, we’ll inspect the property, review documents, and recommend the right expert witness.


At the Special Commissioners’ Hearing, we’ll cross-examine witnesses, present our own experts, and make our closing argument on your behalf.


Our partners are all experienced trial lawyers, and relish the opportunity to present your case to a jury.


Need a lawyer who understands property rights? Contact us today.


The laws related to water ownership, permitting, use and conveyance are complex and rapidly evolving. Brady & Hamilton has experience in water-related issues ranging from procuring, protecting, securing, and transferring or leasing water to obtaining revised permits and complying with regulatory requirements. 

We have worked on cases involving groundwater rights, wastewater permits, surface water permitting and allocation, and pipeline rights of way. Our attorneys represent clients before regulatory and administrative agencies, groundwater districts, and the courts.

Energy Law

Today the practice of Energy Law encompasses traditional oil and gas as well as renewable energy issues. Texas law governing these matters is complex and continually evolving.

Our energy cases most commonly relate to our clients’ rights as landowners. We have extensive experience in litigating land and royalty issues. We routinely negotiate surface use agreements, rights of way for oil and water pipelines, wind energy transmission lines, and negotiate oil and gas and solar and wind leases. We approach these matters with an eye toward both economic returns and protecting the long term interest of our clients.


In West Texas and across the country, farmers and ranchers face ever-increasing regulations and a variety of legal issues related to their operations and property. Producers must deal with ever-more complex regulations and a wide variety of legal issues. Brady & Hamilton works with a wide range of agricultural professionals to resolve contractual matters, handle litigation, and address regulatory compliance issues.

Our legal team has experience helping clients navigate state and federal regulatory compliance, property rights, water law, agricultural business planning, crop insurance disputes, administrative hearings, and litigation. We track agricultural law and policy changes that affect agriculture to provide our clients the most up-to-date information possible.

Administrative Law

Texas landowners and business owners are subject to significant regulation from various agencies at the local, state, and federal level. The regulatory environment is complex and hard to navigate, but understanding it is critical to protect land interests and business interests alike. Brady & Hamilton attorneys have significant experience working with regulatory agencies to ensure their clients are compliant, and that their interests are protected.

Wills, Trusts, Estates & Probate

Our estate planning practice is dedicated to helping our clients plan for the future. No matter what stage of life you may be in, our lawyers can help you structure your estate in a way that fulfills your wishes and minimizes the burden on the beneficiaries of your estate. We have experience handling aspects of estate planning, from simple wills to complex asset protection programs, and we can create a customized solution designed to meet your specific needs.

Losing a loved one is difficult for many reasons, and our probate practice is focused on helping you and your family through the legal process that follows. We work to see your loved one’s legacy passed on to the next generation and to help you administer the estate along the way.



Both of our named partners own ranch land, farmland, urban commercial property, recreational property, and residential property. This experience enables us to bring a true landowners’ perspective to our work. We work hard to ensure you receive just compensation for your property and just as hard to ensure the terms of the easement or other instruments are as favorable to you as possible. This is vital; the grant of rights to the condemnor is perpetual, so future generations will be saddled with the terms.



Brady & Hamilton’s litigation team is highly respected and has earned a reputation for excellence among our clients, the judiciary, and the legal profession. Brady & Hamilton lawyers have successfully tried cases in federal and state courts throughout Texas.

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, Brady & Hamilton litigators have tried and won “bet the company” cases on multiple occasions. Our litigators are thorough and aggressive, but we are also solutions-focused. We understand that when clients need legal assistance, the goal is to resolve the issues quickly and favorably, minimizing any negative impact on the client’s business and life. Brady & Hamilton attorneys are experienced negotiators, skilled at resolving matters using alternative dispute resolution when that is the best choice for the client.

Corporate and Business Law

Brady & Hamilton attorneys have helped clients ranging from sole proprietors to significant corporations on a wide array of business and corporate legal issues. We will work with you to fully understand your business goals, create a plan to meet your business needs, and be a go-to resource for legal advice for your business.

Brady & Hamilton attorneys can assist in structuring and completing major transactions, resolving major business and ownership issues, and handling a broad range of transactional matters. Our collective experience includes forming new business entities; assisting with the development of key strategic, business, and compliance documents; counseling boards on a variety of issues, including fiduciary duty issues and other board obligations; and assisting with a wide range of business negotiations and the development of related agreements.