TxDOT Introduces Long-Range Transportation Plan

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently introduced a new, statewide long-range transportation plan. Called Connecting Texas 2050, the plan includes transformational highway and infrastructure projects around the state, and will focus on integrating statewide, corridor, and multimodal plans for moving people and commerce around the state.

Connecting Texas 2050 will encompass a series of smaller transportation development plans, including one that will fund over $100 billion in projects to improve border infrastructure, the energy sector, and connectivity between urban and rural areas.

Brady & Hamilton will be monitoring Connecting Texas 2050 and its implementing transportation plans to provide updates on major projects as they become available. TxDOT is also providing public comment opportunities around the state.

Moving Texas forward is important, but major projects do impact Texas landowners. If you have questions about how a capital project might impact your land, reach out to us at takings@bhlawgroup.com for a free consultation with no obligation.